Jeremy Wade Catches 100lb “Giant Piranha”

by Seedorama Staff on October 26, 2010

Jeremy Wade is known for his show on Animal Plant, ‘River Monsters’. But what might get the 52-year old wrangler some more attention was his recent catch in the Congo River.

While filming with his team in Africa, Wade had a serious fight, but eventually brought in a 5-foot goliath tiger fish, which we called a “giant piranha”.

Because of its population and attitude, not many of the tiger fish have ever been caught – especially when it weighs in at 100 lbs. Many sightings of the fish include it killing prey the size of itself – crocodiles and even people.

[via odditycentral]

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  • sthack

    HTML retard!

  • khat_schitt

    how do you hold it without it biting you?

  • mackrel catcher

    that's never 100 pound.looks more like 60-70 lb

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