9 of The Most Unusual Plant/Flower Names

by Seedorama Staff on June 14, 2010

Plants and flowers come in all different shapes and sizes, and so do their names, some of them more unusual than others. Check out these peculiar flower names and judge for yourself.
Cock’s Comb

Also known as the Wool Flower, the Cock’s Comb is a highly colorful flower that has a crested 2-5 inches, and grows on top of a leafy stem that stands approximately 12 inches tall. The name comes from the comb of a chicken, also known as a cock.

Bat Face Cuphea

Flowering from Spring through Fall, the Bat Face is a lovely addition to gardens, especially those in the South. Native to Mexico, the Bat Face Cuphea produces 1” tubular flowers that are rich with color.

Bleeding Heart

Requiring light to full shade, the Bleeding Heart is a killer flower in a shaded area. The name derives from the unique shape of the blooming flower.

The Resurrection Fern

By attaching itself to other plants, it can drink water that is left on the bark. The Resurrection Fern gets its name by its ability to live through long droughts by appearing dead.

Naked Ladies

Each bulb of the Amaryllis produces one or two stems, which will then produce 2 12-funnel shaped flowers. The Naked Ladies get their name because when they do bloom, most of the other flowers around them are dead.

Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate

Giving off a truly stunning look with a backdrop, such as a gate, the flower puts one in the mood for a kiss over the garden gate. The flower requires plenty of sunlight and can grow very tall.

Clitoria Ternatea

This herbaceous perennial produces an oddly shaped purple flower with a soft touch of yellow in some markings. The plant requires very little care and grows in odd places such as Coal Mines in Australia. The name speaks for itself.


The Climax is part of the Hosta family, and doesn’t need much sunlight to survive. Leaving it in full to partial shade is best. And yet again, the name speaks for itself.

Stinking Corpse Lily

The stinking corpse lily is the largest known individual flower in the world. The flower is very rare, hard to locate, and smells like a decaying/rotting carcass.

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